Country singer Brett Eldredge is having lots of fun with his latest single, “Somethin’ I’m Good At” – which was very clear at his Academy of Country Music Awards rehearsal, where he shared the story behind this upbeat song.

“It’s a lot of just sputtering out things like, I can’t lie. I’m a real bad liar, you can always tell if I’m lying. Or I’m a burnt toast kind of guy, you know, I’m not a great cook. So, we’re trying to rhyme things in different, quirky ways that you’re not used to hearing in songs and just kind-of word-for-word try to match my personality, and I think word-for-word, that’s what it is.”

Eldredge spoke about getting to show off more of his goofy side through his music and, as always, on his social media.

“When I’m on social media and stuff, I’m always goofing off. You should never take yourself too serious, there’s no reason to. In life, you gotta have fun with it. So, there’s times I like to put on a tux and suit, I like to mix both with the serious and the goof. So, I just like to have fun, enjoy life and I’m not afraid to put that out there.”

He also spoke about how this is just a little preview of what’s in store for his new album, which he calls his strongest yet.

“This is a good introduction to, I feel like, my strongest album yet. I’ve been working so much on this album, literally even today, and I just feel like it is something magical. And it’s – as much as it has a light, happy, crazy side as this, there’s a lot of deep and fun heartbreakers as well. It’s not fun when it’s a heartbreaker, but I like writing heartbreakers. So it’s got a little bit of everything.”

See for tour dates listed through the fall.