SEATTLE – Alien: Covenant is classic sci-fi horror, but three of the stars lean more toward comedy – at least, during their press interviews for the film.

The following is part of Kim Holcomb’s conversation with actors Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Demián Bichir.

MCBRIDE: "We've been crying a lot today. Hard hitting questions.”

HOLCOMB: “Tell me one so I can get you to go there."

MCBRIDE: "Billy's very sensitive so you could ask him what he had for lunch yesterday and a tear would begin to fill.”

HOLCOMB: “What did you have for lunch yesterday?”

CRUDUP (tearing up): “Raffe’s sandwich.”

MCBRIDE: “Why would you do this to him?”

HOLCOMB: "Is this what it was like on the set? It's such a crazy, intense movie but I know you all have good senses of humor. Does that cut the tension?”

CRUDUP: “Ridley (Scott) kind of leads the way. He's got kind of a youthful teenage energy about all the gore. He'll bring you on the set and say, ‘This is going to happen, this is going to happen, more blood than you ever saw before.’ And what is ultimately going to be really disturbing is really fun to create."

HOLCOMB: "So who among you do you think would be the person who would do the best in a real alien encounter situation?”


MCBRIDE: “Yeah, Because I would just run. I would just run as fast as I could. I would eject myself into deep space and just kill myself to avoid being eaten alive."

HOLCOMB: "Do you remember when you saw (Alien)?”

MCBRIDE: “Yeah, I was 2 1/2 years old, I was in preschool. Everyone at the preschool, we screened it at the preschool.”

HOLCOMB: “I feel like it's part of the curriculum, anymore.”

CRUDUP: “It was progressive education.”

HOLCOMB (to Bichir): “For you?”

BICHIR: “I was in the same class. (laughter)”

Alien: Covenant is rated R. It opens May 19.