For those looking for smaller indie options at the movies, there are plenty to choose from — including Anna Kendrick in Table 19. The comedy follows an ex-maid of honor attending the wedding of her ex-best friend, seated at the worst table with five random guests.

In the new western thriller Brimstone, Guy Pearce stars as a new reverend feared by many in a small town — and then trouble ensures when a young woman tries to keep her family safe from the changes happening.

“The character was appealing because of his maniacal, narrow-minded view of the world. But I thought the story was interesting,” Pearce said.

Kristen Stewart is a Personal Shopper purchasing clothes for an upscale client in Paris when she begins to communicate with her deceased twin brother in the house where he died.

“If you really think about it, it’s impossible for everyone to have the definition of ghosts, so we don’t package and deliver that idea to scare people,” Stewart said.

A new documentary, My Scientology Movie, offers a unique take investigating the infamous church when journalist Louis Theroux gets high-level ex-members to help reenact what went on behind the doors.

And in the sci-fi thriller Atomica, Dominic Monaghan plays a mysterious worker who must help a young safety inspector get a remote nuclear power plant back online.

“It’s a kind-of ‘who done it,’ thriller, mystery type of thing where you really don’t know who’s the bad guy,” Monaghan said.