The next episode of Fox’s You the Jury takes on online racism.

Judge LaDoris Cordell says her job is pretty similar to when she presided on the California superior courts.

“You do battle in the courtroom, and that’s what happens at this trial – and understand, everything was unscripted. These lawyers prepared their cases. I had no idea what they were going to do when they came in the courtroom. I was there to control the courtroom, to rule on objections and make sure we got through the trial.”

Each case is binding and deals with topical issues, with viewers deciding the outcome.

“These issues are combined legal kinds of things, plus moral issues. It’s kind-of a combination, so these aren’t slammed dunks. You really have to hear both sides in what jurors should do anyway, listen to all the evidence and then make a decision and these decisions are not going to be easy,” Cordell said. “First of all, the law is rarely cut and dry and in these cases, there were a couple of cases I thought absolutely I knew which side ought to prevail, and then did I get turned around once I heard both sides, and that’s really key to be a good juror.”

And Judge Cordell also hopes audiences get inspired from watching the show.

“I hope that people will come back with a renewed respect for our legal system. Secondly, I hope people will be more motivated to think more positively about serving as jurors because it’s the jurors that make the legal system work. And finally, I believe the issues that are raised in these cases are such, will really make people think.”