HOUSTON - A local boy who had a severe allergic reaction at his school two months ago, was finally able to meet with the men and women who saved his life.

In February, Kenyan Bernard, 12, was in school at Westbrook Intermediate when he had an allergic reaction while eating a snack.

Within minutes, he began having trouble breathing.

A school nurse administered an EpiPen while another staff member called 911.

Paramedics and EMTs from the Houston Fire Department, Station 94D, responded and administered treatment.

Kenyan's breathing improved and he was taken to the hospital but once they arrived, he suddenly went into cardiac arrest.

Paramedics resuscitated him and were able to stabilize him. Kenyan was hospitalized for two weeks but has since recovered and has returned to school.

On Monday, he was able to meet and thank those who helped save his life.

"I mainly think about how my family would have reacted to it." said Kenyan in an emotional interview after an HFD press conference.

"I already know they were really sad when they saw me in the hospital. But just to think about my little sister and how she would have had to live without me..." said Kenyan.

"How old is your sister?" a reporter asked.

"She's only 7 years old." Kenyan replied.

Kenyan and his mom met with the paramedics and EMTs and posed for pictures in front of an HFD 94 fire truck together.

Kenyan is planning on celebrating his 13th birthday in just a few days.