Places like the DFW Barbershop are hard to find. It took Dwight Hunter years to realize it was a calling.

"I was here when I was 17... I was still in high school," said Hunter.

His father Harmon Hunter, Sr. started the shop in the early 70s at DFW International Airport. At the time he had two shops: one at Braniff Airlines and another at American Airlines.

Dwight tells WFAA his father nearly lost the house to keep the business afloat.

"Here's a man with a sixth grade education," he said.

Back when his shops first started, a haircut was only $5. At DFW Airport, walk-ins are not only welcome... they're a reality.

"You got millionaires walking by and you got regular Johns walking by," he said. "We don't know who... that's why dad said treat others like you wanna be treated."

That has been the mantra since day one, the same day Harmon placed a Bible in the shop.

"I think I am the last of the mom and pops out here though," he said.

But even in a place as open as this, some things are just hard to share, even with the regulars.

After 43 years Dwight says he's been told changes to the terminal are coming and plans do not include his DFW Barber Shop.

"To look back on 43 years, it's a landmark, it's a legacy," he said.