John and Shannon are holding their four-month-old baby boy.

Young Jack will soon be a little brother.

“We’ve learned a lot.”

That’s because in December of 2015, the couple decided to sign paperwork for a foster-to-adopt program at Christian Homes and Family Services.

“Our values and our visions kind-of aligned in that area.”

“There are a lot of unknows and still are a lot of unknowns.”

For privacy reasons, we’ll call their foster child, “Baby E.”

The couple tells me that this process has been a long journey. But finally, this past March, they were told that they will be able to adopt Baby E – something that was unclear and uncertain for a while.

“I felt really attached to her, and I think that my fear for her was that her attachment would become so strong to our family that if she was transitioned out, it would be very traumatic for her.”

“If she was sure going to go, she needs to go as soon as possible because the more that she’s with us, the more that this is what she knows.”

So, until this past March, they were unsure if Baby E was transferring out of their home. And then, recently, there was another tragic twist to their journey.

“It felt like it was robbed from her, so I’m still really grieved over it.”

The couple was informed that Baby E’s biological mother had passed away.

“My hope is that there will still be some way that she can connect as time goes on, even though her mom’s not going to be here.”

But the couple tells me that they will explain to Baby E her whole story when the timing is right and let her know that she is loved by many.

“That biological status has the same amount of permanency as the adoption status.”

And through Christian Homes, they are able to connect with other families going through the same process.

“There’s a lot of communication and a lot of support, and it’s been a wonderful experience for us at Christian Homes.”