Cullen Eppright and Brighlon Kilpatrick know a thing or two about rodeo.

“Actually rode my first horse when I was about…probably like, six-months-old.”

Eppright is the National High School Rodeo Association student president. And Kilpatrick is Miss West Texas Fair and Rodeo.

So, how did these two big names meet?

“Our friendship started because of our parents. And so, whenever I first met him, I was kind-of intimidated because he’s an awesome calf roper.”

“I make friendships that I would never have if I did not do this.”

But life can get a little busy for the two, traveling a lot and performing their duties.

“So, with that is a lifestyle and you have to be dedicated to it. But it’s very rewarding.”

“Not many girls my age get to experience this.”

But they still find time to text and help each other stay up to speed.

“We kind-of help each other back and forth. With him being the national high school president, then he helps get me out there. And with me being in the PRCA, I try to help to get him out there.”

So, behind the ropes and the cattle…

“He’s not only my friend, but the high school rodeo is my friend too.”

True friendship is made.