The giraffe birth seen 'round the world is still top of mind for hundreds of thousands of April fans. And, many of them are wondering, 'What now?'

So, we went out to find the reason behind the international obsession with April, and how her new friends can still get their giraffe cam fix.

We started by asking our Facebook fans why they joined Team April, and received replies about community and positivity. One user, a terminal cancer patient, told us, "Watching this feed, and reading the lovely love filled comments is a relaxing escape."

“It's a difficult time right now for a lot of people. There's a lot of negativity in the world and I think people are just trying to find a way to stay positive. And what's more positive than a baby animal being born?” said Connie Fisher, Director of Mental Health Promotion for Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri.

Mental health experts also say watching April has served as a way to stay stress-free on social media.

“The political atmosphere is very charged, there's a lot of fighting, it's the anxiety of not knowing what's going happen worldwide,” said Fisher.

One of our Facebook fans said April "brought so many together when there is so much turmoil out in the world. When we've come here, we've forgotten about them, even temporarily."

“It’s very good for their mental health,” said Fisher.

So, now that this story is winding down, experts say it will be good to find a way to get your stress-free April fix. Some suggestions include tapping into other live animal cams available, journaling, reading uplifting material, spending time with people who make you feel good, and listing reasons to feel grateful on a daily basis.

If you’d like to find another web cam to watch, you can find a list of options here.