The Abilene Fire Department now has a workshop to fix their trucks.

The project was approved by voters in a bond project.

“For 32 years we operated fire and maintenance out of the old number two,” Mayor Anthony Williams said.

That’s all changed.

“There’s not really a comparison,” Chief Technician David Williams said.

Williams works behind the scenes.

“If you own a car, you don’t really think about the maintenance of it. You just want to know that it’s going to run and everything’s going to be taken care of,” Emergency Services Deputy Michael Burden said.

He makes sure Abilene firefighters have the tools to protect the community.

Now, he has more space to do it.

“Our equipment has grown over the years and become more complex. So we just ran out of room,” Burden said.

This was part of a voter approved $12 million bond project.

The City hopes it help insure pricey equipment is helping taxpayers when they need it most.

“Some of the trucks we have within our fleet are $1 million trucks. What you don’t want to see is them broke down. And you don’t want to see them sitting out of service somewhere,” Burden said.

City staff said the building isn’t just 3 times bigger than the station, it’s also safer.

“Prior to this they were having to manipulate some of the safety mechanisms,” Burden said.

They can also bring their work inside.

“The guys can work indoors regardless of the weather,” Burden said.

They’re able to raise the cabs and ladders in the building.

“A lot of the extra work that they had to do exterior at our other facility” Burden added.

The building is located near the airport and expected to last for dozens of years.