Parents are hitting stores for back to school shopping.

Many said they spend hundreds of dollars on things like glue sticks and markers.

"I would like all together, to keep it under $100," Karen Nix said.

"$186 at Walmart and we are still getting a backpack now," Jazen Blake said.

Nix is buying school supplies for three children.

"We had to get some notebooks and watercolors," she said.

She's getting her shopping done now before the rush.

Nix expects to pay more after the bell rings.

"Usually the first week of school I expect like to get like another note home saying we need a few more things," Nix added.

Our Vanessa Paige got the shopping list for a third grader.

Getting everything on the list totaled about $40, not including a backpack.

Meanwhile, we asked viewers on Facebook how much they’re spending on supplies.

Some said they're paying as much as $200 - $300 dollars.

A teacher said she's spending $250 on her classroom.

Stocking kid’s backpacks can be a burden for families.

"They didn't have any school supplies, but their classmates and their teacher had extra so they gave it to him,” a fifth grade student told Fox 15.

Several Abilene churches and organizations are collecting supplies in hopes of helping out.

"We're giving away her backpack from last year so someone that doesn't have one can get it," Blake said.