This month Abilene students are getting their backpacks ready for the first day of school, and teachers are preparing as well.

An Abilene Christian School teacher began getting ready weeks ago.

“I love math, but I also love people. And there aren’t very many professions that combine those two things,” Leigh Thomas said.

Thomas teaches algebra and geometry.

She’s done everything from getting supplies together, to writing an encouraging message on the white board.

Thomas has even prepared for the moment students walk in the door.

“They’re kind of nervous and they love drawing a card right when they walk in the door and it’s kind of how I get ‘em hooked that first day. Because they’re thinking ‘why is my math teacher giving me a card?’” Thomas said.

Secondary Principal Van Gravitt said getting ready for the kids is a group effort.

“There’s a guy out front in a big floppy hat, and he’s weed eating, getting the grounds ready for the open house tonight. And I look closer and it’s Kirk Wade, who’s our school president,” Gravitt said.

“Looking at some new curriculum and trying to figure out where I’m going to start and what will be our first couple of weeks.”

Thomas hopes to gain just as much as she gives.

“They make me a better person and I’m ready to get back into being in the community with them,” Thomas said.