Scott Hardy is not your everyday man. He's sort of like six everyday men combined into one!

In addition to his day job, Hardy is a volunteer firefighter, EMT, volunteers with Austin's HERO rescue program and runs a dog rescue with his wife. Oh, and on top of all of that, he films almost everything he does and posts it in a vlog format to his growing YouTube page.

"I'm an overachiever," Hardy joked to KVUE's Jason Puckett. "All of it sounds really impressive, but it all has roots in selfishness. I have a need to be needed."

It's a statement that seems to be proving true. Every day, Hardy gets up and starts recording as he goes about his day with a simple mission: spread kindness.

"My Youtube is called Uncle Mullet Everyday Heroes," he said. "The point of my videos is to show that we all help one another. That we all have goodness in us and we don't necessarily have to wear a cape or be a firefighter or a police officer to really make a huge difference in someone's life."

His account has more than 70,000 subscribers and more continue to follow his infectious antics.

"It's incredible," Hardy said. "Ya know, I'm blown away at what's happening."

When Jason met Scott, he was sticking a bunch of flowers haphazardly onto a Harley Davidson and gearing up to drive around downtown Austin. He said his goal was to hand the flowers to random people on the street to improve their day and also send a message.

"Every flower has a coin on it," he said. "I'm calling it the currency of kindness."

The wooden coins that Hardy has had specially made say on one side "See how far kindness can travel," and on the other "Follow this coin to and see how one kind deed can travel the world."

His hope is that folks will pass the coin along with good deeds and log on the website when they receive it. The goal, he said, is to light up the map on his website with good deeds all across the world.

So what drives a man to fill up so much of his time giving back? Well to answer that, you simply have to look at his car.

On the back, "Love" is painted across the glass and on the side.

"On the side, it says 'Denny's ride,'" Hardy said. "My brother Denny died four years ago. It was a mental health call and it went badly really quickly for a lot of people. Both sides. For responding officers as well as my brother. The only life lost that night was my brother's."

As Hardy was facing the loss of his brother and best friend, he was faced with even more tragedy.

"Shortly thereafter, my mom passed away and then a good buddy Nic, who was a rider coach, passed away too," he said. "It was like 'boom, boom, boom,' just like three socks to the gut and I didn't think I was going to be able to get back up."

Hardy said he faced a decision. He could let the sadness and darkness drag him down, or he could fight on towards the light in memory of those he lost.

"I saw some bad things, but followed up by some incredible things," he said. "I'm now living my life forward. When I started volunteering, when I started giving back, I felt better."

He's known on YouTube for his old comedy routines and his new channel called "Uncle Mullet."

It's a nickname he earned when teaching motorcycle lessons, in part because he was rocking the iconic hairdo, but also because of the relationships that he formed.

"I liked to be like the student's Uncle," he said.

And now, Uncle Mullet is hoping to recruit even more members to his "mullet movement" to spread goodness through the community and the world.

"It's not about me, it's about the event," he said. "It's about good. When we watch good, we feel good. When we watch bad, we feel bad. Is there bad? Yes - but the good is so much bigger!"

Hardy, or Uncle Mullet, whichever name you prefer, said that he plans to continue making videos and sharing his life with others and hopes with his movement to get even more "mullets" in the world.