Some residents in Baird are concerned their dogs were poisoned.

In a Facebook post shared nearly 300 times, a woman said two of her dogs were poisoned.

Several people commented on the post saying they feel the same thing happened to their pets.

People who replied to the post believe a certain man is giving the dogs poison through their fence.

In a phone interview with Fox 15 a woman said, “We got into an argument over whether or not I was allowed to throw my trash away in the dumpsters in the alley.”

The woman who preferred to remain anonymous said that the man threatened to kill her dog.

“Me and my husband found a random bowl in the yard and we have a full blood white, solid white pit bull girl that died. You know anal bleeding and foaming at the mouth,” she added.

Baird City Marshal Eric Howard told Fox 15 no formal complaint has been filed about the dogs.

He advises anyone who thinks their dog was harmed to take it to the veterinarian for an autopsy.