Dozens of Dairy Queen locations are hanging up ‘closed’ signs for good.

In Merkel, Texas, Dairy Queen is a stop right off of the highway.

Its population is just over 2,000 people.

The ‘all American’ chain is a staple for many towns in the area; however, the doors are now closed.

A sign on the drive through window reads, “We are closed for business.”

A man who calls Merkel home said that it will be hard for employees who depended on the business for income.

“A lot of high school kids worked there, and managers and people that worked there,” Buster Tarpley said.

Locations in Coleman and Haskell also closed their doors.

“I’m sure needed that money for their expenses,” Tarpley added.

This occurred after an Irving franchise filed for bankruptcy.

The filing stated Hurricane Harvey and a decline in oil prices hurt business.

Residents said there will be more than just a lack of blizzards.

“An inconvenience for some of us, but it’s also a monetary problem for a lot of people,” Tarpley said.

Some residents hope another business will open in its spot.

The franchise said it’s working to strengthen stores that are performing better.