Abilene social media and TV screens have been flooded with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

But, some victims are as close as next door.

“Abilene is a community that all we have to do is say we need, and they’re right there at the ready,” Clifford Emmerson said.

Emmerson is one of the many residents trying to lend a helping hand to victims.

He loaded his car with food and clothes, and drove straight to The Abilene Salvation Army.

“We didn’t need ‘em so I thought that would be the perfect time to bring it in and give it to somebody that could actually use it,” Emmerson said.

They’re phone has been ringing off the hook with people looking to donate.

“We’ve been spending the day trying to organize everything so we know exactly what it is we have,” director Major Linda Keeney said.

Their shelter was filled to the brim Monday night with victims seeking shelter. The donations will make simple things like doing laundry possible for displaced families.

“There are some things we can’t do, but their immediate needs are taken care of,” Keeney said.

Emmerson said the storm may not have hit close to home physically, but it has in other ways.

“My cousin lives in Houston but he luckily lives in the part of town that’s not flooding so he’s doing ok,” Emmerson said.

He hopes the community will continue to pour out support.

“The more the merrier, I know a lot of folks out there are going to need help and the more we can help the better,” Emmerson said.

They’re collecting everything from food to diapers and are providing three hot meals a day.

“I’ve had some times where I’ve hit rock bottom. It’s always nice when somebody can help ya,” Emmerson said.