Chirping together, scratching the same spot simultaneously, these 11 ducklings are lucky to be alive.

“They were going to release the birds over at Liberty Park, and we advised them against that…As babies, they can quickly lose their body temperature in cold air. They can actually go hypothermic, even if it’s 80 degrees out.”

Meet Richard Nowak – he is no quack!

Nowak has been rehabilitating birds of all kinds for 40 years. He runs West Valley’s Avian Sanctuary.

These ducklings are now in his care. But Animal Control and neighbors near Liberty Park saved them after they fell inside a storm drain.

“There was about four left, and they were being pretty stubborn, didn’t wanna come out. So, we were just trying to brainstorm new ideas of how to get these guys out.”

“The ducklings are obviously smaller than the parents, so [they] fall down the gaps in the storm drains.”

Nowak says if Animal Control had released the ducks into Liberty Park, they would have died.

The goal is to find their mother, so they can stay warm. If they can’t do that, Nowak says bring them to him.

“They like to get in the water and get themselves wet. So, in nature, they’ll actually…Once they start feeling cold, they’ll climb underneath the mother until their body temperature comes back up to normal,” Nowak said.

He says Animal Control drops off about 100 lost ducklings with him every spring and summer. He’s used to being their adoptive mother – and an adoptive mom to all his fowl.