Some squadrons at Dyess Air Force Base are older than the Air Force itself.

Friday, they were honored for how far they've come.

Leaders of the 9th and 28th Bomb Squadrons said this is a celebration of serving our country for years.

The 436th Training Squadron was honored for its longevity as well.

They’re some of the oldest squadrons in the Air Force.

The public were able to go to an open house and see static aircraft displays.

Active duty members were there as well as a World War II veteran.

The 9th Bomb Squadron commander said it’s humbling to be a part of this heritage.

“Air power is one of the most noble things I think anyone can do in the military. So hopefully my great-great children, when their members of the 9th bomb squadron can be celebrating not only what those before us did but what we’ve done today,” Erick Lord said.