Christians around the globe celebrated the Easter holiday, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis delivered a speech at the Vatican Sunday morning, with a message of hope for the world.

“In this land of pain, of tragedies, with the faith in the risen Christ, we find a sense, in the middle of such calamities, the sense of looking beyond, the sense of saying, ‘Look, there isn’t a wall. There’s a horizon. There’s life. There is joy. There is the cross, with its ambivalence. Look ahead,’” Pope Francis said.

There was heightened security at celebrations worldwide, following the attack on a Coptic Christian church in Egypt last week.

The New York Police Department was on-hand for celebrations at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, where a parade of colorful hats was on display.

In the United Kingdom, prayers were given for Christians in the Middle East.

“We experience a world of pain and despair, grief and death. But the words Jesus says on that first Easter day, he says to you and me now, to each of us, to listen, to take hold of within our hearts, ‘Do not be afraid.’”

In Syria, a message of hope for a return to peace and for future prosperity.

“We always pray on this occasion for peace and security to return to our country and for the old days when we used to all live together as one.”

Meanwhile, in Mexico City, the Easter celebrations were a bit more political. Revelers burned an effigy of President Donald Trump as part of their traditional burning of “Judas puppets.”

“The Judas [effigy] of Trump, I mean, the political commentary to destroy the worst man in the world is incredible. It’s incredible, so come on, Mexico! Also, one [effigy] of the wall and suddenly, the wall exploded. Perfect. It fascinated me.”

President Trump and the first lady attended church Sunday morning in Palm Beach, Florida.