Things got heated at the Abilene Firefighters training field Friday.

“Can you talk about how it feels under that suit,” asked our Vanessa Paige.

Abilene Division Chief Derek Briggs answered, “It’s incredibly hot.”

Abilene Fire Department staff said they drink lots of water in the summer heat.

“We try to teach guys to hydrate prior to their shift today before,” said Briggs.

That’s not all the water is needed for.

They’re training with compressed air foam systems.

Battalion Chief Joey Kincaid said the foam works much quicker than water.

“And what it does, it offers us a much more viable option as far as firefighting it,” added Kincaid.

He said that it’s like a concentrated dish detergent

“It makes a sudsy, bubbly solution,” explained Kincaid.

Firefighters have found the foam to be very effective.

“We’ve had it since 2008, we’ve used it with success throughout,” said Kincaid.

It’s all about putting out flames as quickly as possible.

“It makes it safer for our guys, it makes it safer for the occupants inside using CAFS,” said Kincaid.

Firefighters said they practice at their training facility year round.

“Some of the guys will go for months without having a fire, which is a good thing, but sometimes your skills are perishable and they get rusty without the opportunity to practice,” said Briggs.

Firefighters are able to ensure their trucks are up to par during trainings.

“We just want to be ready anytime we have that structure fire when the call comes out. We’re going to be ready to go in and use it,” said Kincaid.

It was a controlled environment, but the crew put out a real fire.

“Everybody is focused on the task at hand, and it’s just like it would be if they were out on the street fighting a fire.”