An Abilene native was killed in an alleged hit-and-run in the Dallas area on Saturday.

His family wants answers after the incident.

Mercedes Flores and April Arias are the nieces of Rogelio Flores.

“He got out of his truck to throw up because there was throw up next to his truck. And while he was vomiting, a car, a truck, we don’t know [hit him],” Flores said.

They said they can’t piece together what lead to their uncle’s death unless the driver comes forward.

Rogelio was a Cooper High School graduate.

His family isn’t sure how something like this could happen to a person like him.

They said, “Not to lock him [the driver] up behind bars -- we just want closure.”

There’s also someone else they’d like to speak to.

“In the interview, he said something like, ‘I went through his wallet and I seen pictures of little kids, he has a whole family at home and they're waiting for him to come and he’s not,’” Flores said.

Willie Coleman is the man who phoned 9-1-1.

He told Fox 4 in Dallas he saw Rogelio’s body lying in the road.

He then protected it by diverting traffic away with the flashlight on his phone.

“We want to give our gratitude to Willie Coleman. We want to say thank you. We want to say 'you were there for a reason that night,'” Arias said.

Flores added, “If he wouldn’t have stopped and moved, directed traffic away from his body, we wouldn’t have a body to have a funeral for.”

The family is searching for Willie, hoping they can give him a phone call and a "thank you."