Locks, bolts, gates and cameras are just some things people use to keep their homes secure.

“We help secure homes and families in Abilene and the surrounding areas in Abilene,” Aaron Rowe, owner of AAC Security, said.

Rowe said whether it’s for a day or a week, keeping your home safe and secure is top priority – no matter if it’s your family or your belongings.

But for Aaron Shaver, from Connecting Caring Communities, his approach is more personal.

“Nowadays, whether just modern convenience or whatever, we don’t tend to know the people who live right around us and that actually poses a security risk,” Shaver said.

With security systems being so advanced these days, even with just the ring of a doorbell, you’ll always know who is at your door.

“We do this with security systems, camera systems, interactive locks, garage door openers and shutters and interactive stuff like that.”

Signs always tend to lead us places – and in this case could lead someone away from your home.

“I think the biggest thing is going to be the yard sign or people knowing that you have a security system. That right there is the biggest difference.”

Whatever method you choose, choose wisely: your home is on the line.