June 14 is Flag Day! We pledge allegiance to the American flag to pay respect – but how much do you know about our nation’s symbol?

It’s been 240 years since the current version of the American flag was adopted.

Fox 15 caught up with a retired master sergeant, William Lenches, to find out some unique facts about the symbol.

He said most people don’t know that the U.S. had an army for two years before we had a flag.

He also said the design almost had six-pointed stars.

“The Continental Congress originally wanted to use a six-pointed star on the flag, but Betsy Ross was a quilter, and she knew it was easier to fold cloth and make a simple cut to produce a perfect five-point star than it was to make a six-point star. So, it’s because of her we have a five-point star,” Lenches said.

Lenches said Flag Day is also a great day to pay respect to the men and women who served our country.