Abilene's men and blue may soon have a bigger place to call home.
Right now it’s just an empty parking lot, but Abilene city staff are hoping the old Kmart will house the police.

“We are finalizing the language in that sales contract now for the Kmart building,” said City Manager Robert Hanna.

About $9 million dollars will be used for a Law Enforcement Center, water utilities office and records storage if approved by City Council.

“Once the city leaves that building it becomes the county’s facility,” said Hanna.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Department is also in the current Law Enforcement Center.

County staff said there are no plans to move that department right now.

The city manager said the building is costing them money.

“Heating and air conditioning concerns. There are humidity concerns. We’ve spent over 50 thousand dollars over the last 12 months on dehumidifiers,” said Hanna.

He also said, “There is groundwater that seeps into the building. The building is too small for our current needs as well.”

Redesigning the Kmart building will be paid for with 2018 tax dollars.

The City would also be purchasing the neighboring mattress store and Winn-Dixie, which are vacant.

Thursday will be the first reading of that ordinance.