Hours before the Houston Pride Parade, folks met outside of City Hall, carrying rainbow flags, showing their support for pride month.

“My best friend is gay, yeah. And so, I support him and everything he does. This is him, Lee Wagner.”

“We have to celebrate what’s important to us, celebrate when we live, celebrate why we stand out.”

Some were from Houston, others traveled from neighboring states and even other countries.

“Of people all around the country, Houston has one of the best Pride parades ever. I like that they put it here. I loved it when it was in Montrose, but it’s really more organized over here. It’s fantastic.”

“I went to New Orleans Pride and Baton Rouge Pride and now I’m here.”

“Being from a different culture, coming to this Pride makes me stronger and there are a lot of people like me in this world – that makes me proud. I’m so proud of this.”

As the festivities got going, one could made the day an extra special one to remember.

“Did you think coming today you would get proposed to? Be honest.”

“No, no. I was completely thrown off.”

“I had the idea, and I knew I had to keep her in the dark because she’s not a big surprise person. But I knew I wanted it to be beautiful, just like this month.”

The couple had one of their first dates at the Pride parade in 2012 and say they are happy to spend their lives together after the Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality in 2015.

“I remember crying, and I remember looking at my mother and saying, ‘I finally get to be me and we finally get to be us.’”