In a state known for its diners, one “tops” them all.

In its list of best diners, Time Out Magazine has just named Tops Diner in East Newark, New Jersey not only the best in the state, but the best in the country!

Tops has been around since the 1920s and not much has changed except the shiny exterior and a few neon lights.

“I think when people come over here, they feel at home. I think the construction worker can come here, I think the lawyer can come here, I think the housewife can come here, I think the grandma can come here with the grandchildren. Tops is a place for everybody.”

“I can go eat about anywhere I want, and this is one of the places I make sure I hit.”

“We have great burgers. We have 20 different burgers on the menu. We have a great butcher who brings the burgers every day.”

There’s nothing on the menu Girard Greg hasn’t had.

“Spaghetti and meatballs are good. The burgers are good. I like the ham and eggs, home fries, French fries,” Greg said.

“Are you a diner person?” “I’m a food person, as you can see.”

Along with Tops, two three diners made the list in the Tri State: Toms Restaurant in NYC and the Waverly Restaurant.

But do they have lobster mac and cheese like this? I think that’s the question worth investigating.

Dan need not search any further. He’s taking his dish all the way back to Ohio, where he lives.

“If I don’t eat the rest of it for lunch tomorrow, the rest is going home. I know – but it’s worth it.”