The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office is working to fight heart disease.

Shelia Pinkston is the warrants clerk at the department.

One thing you wouldn’t know by speaking to her is that she doesn’t have a pulse.

“I am awaiting a heart transplant, I currently have a mechanical heart,” Pinkston said.

For her, the battle started in 2004.

“I currently have cardiomyopathy,” Pinkston said.

According to the American Heart Association, 68% of adults in Abilene are obese or overweight.

This puts them at higher risk.

Last year, the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office started ‘Food for the Heart.’

Local food trucks set up shop at the Law Enforcement Center.

They donate a portion of their proceeds to the American Heart Association.

“It’s just a great charity that’s been around, and it’s really great to help people in need,” the owner of food truck Jay Stearns said.

Seeing the organizations come together, fork and knife, is extra special for Pinkston.

She hopes the money raised will help improve technology.

“Who would have thought that a mechanical heart would keep somebody going,” Pinkston said.