The Abilene Professional Firefighters Association discovered money missing from their funds.

The Abilene Police incident reports indicate $27k in cash was taken from the group.

The president, Jimmy Hall, sat down with Fox 15 Abilene.

“We look out for the benefits, wages and interests of our membership. We do make contracts and agreements with the City," Hall said.

The group is made up of firefighters and retirees.

Trust is something Hall said the members must have in their daily jobs; however, on August 7 trust was in question.

“We trust each other with our lives and depend on each other. That individual had been what we would consider trustworthy for year," Hall said.

Their funds come from membership dues, fundraisers and donations.

“Fire fighters hold ourselves to a pretty high standard. We trust each other," Hall said.

Hall said he doesn't remember this being an issue before.

“The community has an expectation that fire fighters will be honest and trustworthy.," Hall said.

The group is taking action to prevent this from happening again.

“I hope the public will still trust us and rely on us as much as possible and we are taking steps to prevent something from happening like this in the future," Hall said.

A name hasn't yet been released and this is being investigated by the Abilene Police Dept.