Good thing the Easter Bunny hops and doesn’t drive! Because hitting the road for Easter cost more this year. According to AAA, gas prices are up around 30 cents compared to this time last year. The national average for regular unleaded is now $2.41.

While prices at the pump are rising, they’re falling at the store. Consumer prices dropped in March for the first time in more than a year.

But that did very little to put people in a buying mood, as retail sales dipped for a second straight month.

Some analysts are blaming Uncle Sam for the slowdown since the IRS delayed sending out a lot of tax refunds this season.

Speaking of taxes, a quick reminder for all you procrastinators out there: Tuesday is the filing deadline this year since April 15 fell on the weekend. And Monday is the holiday for the District of Columbia. And get this: nearly 40 million people reportedly still need to file!