Look out below! The Dow dropped to a two-month low. The index fell again Wednesday over new worries about some companies’ profits and sales and doubts tax cuts will happen any time soon. The S&P 500 also finished lower, but the NASDAQ managed to eek out a small gain.

Employers are having a hard time finding the right employees. The Federal Reserve says bosses are not able to fill job openings -- from factory workers to engineers.

Big changes are coming to your local CVS. The pharmacy is speeding up plans to overhaul its stores, including replacing all the candy in front of the counter with healthier foods. But don’t worry if you have a sweet tooth because the candy is just moving to somewhere else in the store!

How far would you go to win a car? A woman in Texas drove away with a 2017 Kia Optima after kissing a car for 50 hours. It was all part of a radio competition. She got a little lucky though – six other people puckered up for just as long, so names were drawn to pick a winner.