Let me guess: you have back pain, you have knee pain and you feel like you've tried every option out there. Massages can cost more than $100 and won't help your core. Chiropractors and physical therapists can cost a bundle.

Today we have a simple solution that is under $20, portable and something that can be done on your time. 

We interviewed doctors, physical therapists, fitness experts, personal trainers, massage therapists and chiropractors and we all got the same response: GET A FOAM ROLLER! (even LeBron James uses one regularly)

This is what a foam roller does; they are not all created equal: 

- Lying on a foam roller alleviates pain and muscle soreness
- Instant relief for joints and your most painful areas 
- Immediate release of knee and IT band tightness
- Applies the price amount of pressure to ease pressure points
- Increases flexibility and range of motion to help you get fit
- Benefits people of all body types
- Even 2 minutes of use per day can have a big impact on your health
- Takes under one minute for relief and even tightens the tummy

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