Big numbers were discussed in what’s known as Ranger, America.

The Ranger College Board of Regents has made some changes to where they’re putting taxpayer’s money.

Voters in the Ranger College district approved a $10 million bond last November to upgrade facilities on the campus.

This means in January of 2018, taxes will increase from about 25 cents per hundred dollar valuation to 43 cents.

Where this money will go was asked at a public hearing.

“We’re going to use the money for a new cafetorium that will be a 750 seat auditorium,” said school President Bill Campion.

Campion said several other buildings are to be renovated.

“In addition to that we’re going to have a welcome center, which will be a one stop center,” Campion said.

Upgrades are something Campion said are needed after time.

“All these buildings are in excess of 60 years old,” Campion said.

However, questions were raised as to why money wasn’t going elsewhere.

Campion says this was the case, but plans changed.

“Our board of regents had originally intended to use the money from the bond issue,” Campion said.

“The Attorney General’s Office ruled that there’s a statute that said that money could not be used for housing,” Campion said.

The $10 million will be used elsewhere.

“I found plenty of very important uses on the absolutely must have list,” Campion said.

As for the aging dorms, funds are being raised to upgrade them.