Easter is just around the corner, and children who celebrate the holiday are waiting to get their Easter baskets.

“I like to get swimsuits every year and candy and sometimes art supplies.”

And who doesn’t want a basket filled with a chocolate bunny, Peeps and jelly beans?

Well, nowadays, it seems like candy isn’t enough. Some parents are swapping out the sweets for more extravagant gifts like expensive toys and clothing.

“They are making Easter now more like Christmas with these over-the-top baskets. They are putting electronics in there, they are putting clothing, which is fine if that’s what they want to do. However, I’m more old-school, and I still think if you’re going to give an Easter basket, it should have chocolates, should have Peeps, plastic eggs, some fun games and you don’t have to go all-out,” Lyss Stern said.

Stern, a “mommy blogger” with DivaMoms.com and a mother of three, says if parents want to go all-out for Easter, so be it. However, she says the only people really benefiting from the over-the-top baskets are the retailers.

“Retailers are seeing this as another example, ‘Wow, let’s get the parents to spend a lot of money’ because they know the parents are the ones that are buying and purchasing gifts. So, ‘let’s make it a little more “aha” moment and make these baskets more competitive and extravagant,’” Stern said.

“I remember the days I used to receive a basket.” “What would you get in that basket?” “a lot of hard-boiled eggs. I don’t think they do that anymore. I get some candy, some Peeps, some chocolate, but it was pretty simple.”

“We hear that these baskets, parents are putting them online and saying, ‘Look at my basket, my basket is bigger and better than the other basket’ and again, at the end of the day, it should be about tradition, should be about a holiday, shouldn’t be about who has the biggest, better, most awesome, expensive basket,” Stern said.

“It’s silly, it’s absurd. You can’t spoil the kids too much. Keep it simple.”

“there is this trend that parents filling the Easter baskets with a lot of electronics, bug toys, clothing. What do you think about that?” “I think it’s gotten too big then. then it’s another Christmas. For me, it’s a lot about the hunt, it’s about the brunch. We go to church in the morning.”

“Easter is about Christ. It’s not about what you get. So, I think it’s kind-of stupid.”

“I don’t think Easter is the right time to do that. I think more birthdays or Christmas is better.”

Trae Bodge, a shopping expert, has been writing about Easter for several years now

“And I’ve seen this change pop up about two or three years ago, where parents were leaning more towards toys and away from candy.”

She says, because of health concerns, some parents refuse to give sweets.