This holiday season, you’ll be paying an extra 27 to 97 cents per package shipped out by UPS.

The company says it will charge these “peak” rates between November 19 and December 2 and then again between December 17 and December 23.

UPS wants to recoup some money for increased staffing, extra planes and vehicles added during the holiday season.

Now retailers who promise free ground shipping will face a tough choice: add the fee to your bill, raise their price or eat the surcharge as a cost of doing business.

One way around it is the surcharge only applies to residential deliveries, so retailers and shoppers may be able to avoid the charges by getting orders shipped to stores.

The surcharge could also prompt shipping competitors like FedEx and the United States Postal Service (USPS) to follow -- who also need to make up for the massive investments in their holiday deliveries.