Press Release

The West Texas Homeless Network is launching a 100-Day Challenge on January 24th, 2018 to address homelessness in Abilene Texas.

The goal of the 100-Day Challenge is to house 50 of our most vulnerable neighbors experiencing homelessness in 100 days, using the new Home Again West Texas coordinated entry system.

The Home Again West Texas coordinated entry system is a network of local service providers cooperating to ensure that people in need of housing are quickly identified, assessed and connected to the appropriate agencies.

The idea is to streamline the process of serving people in need of housing by referring them to the right agency the first time. Abilene Hope Haven and the West Central Texas Regional Foundation-SSVF have been designated as the entry points, where neighbors experiencing homelessness will receive an assessment and be referred directly to the appropriate agency to help them find housing.

The community is encouraged to refer neighbors experiencing homelessness to one of these entry points for assessment. Information on these entry points is also available via the Home Again hotline, 325-260-1417.

The larger goal goes beyond 100 days. We envision a community where nobody has to live with homelessness. Instead, we want Abilene to be a place where homelessness is rare, brief, and nonrecurring. By working together, we can achieve this goal and bring our neighbors home again. Learn more about Home Again West Texas and the 100-Day Challenge at For media inquiries, contact or Follow the progress of the 100-Day Challenge on the West Texas Homeless Network’s social media outlets. #100DayChallenge #HomeAgain