The roads in Abilene are far from perfect if you ask many residents. In fact, according to some they're so bad that they're taking matters into their own hands to fix them.

According to Robert Hanna, the City Manager, money has not been spent on road maintenance in a very long time.

The City of Abilene held a public forum Monday to discuss a solution for the neglected roads all over town. And Hanna, came up with a proposal he believes will help.

The proposal suggests a tier system that residents and businesses pay to add up to 10.3 million dollars. Hanna says this number will adequately cover the entire cost to fix all the roads necessary for the next several years.

The forum had a lot of concerned citizens for and against the proposal voice their opinions and comments.

Hanna said he believed the forum went well and he is optimistic this will pass and the roads of Abilene will finally be helped.