More and more Harvey evacuees are coming to the Big Country and there's a lot of helping hands here. One local business is taking a different approach in their way of assisting flood victims with free laundry loads.

Wash This Way, a laundromat on 3458 N. 10 st. is giving free loads to flood victims.

The laundromat opened in March. All of their equipment is new offering washers and dryers of different sizes.

Not only are they offering free loads to flood victims, but to anyone who is donating clothes and would to wash the items before giving them to the evacuees.

Mike Reppart, owner, says they started offering this free service since Monday.

Reppart has seen flood victims come in to wash their clothes.

“Abilene has a spirit of helping people and wanting to reach out,” said Reppart. “It’s to be a part of that community.”

The laundromat will also provide laundry detergent and other supplies for free.

Reppart says they will continue to give free loads as long as there is a need.