Lots of water on roads has been an ongoing concern for Abilene drivers when it rains.

Public Works Director, Michael Rice said, “is it really worth spending the money on? And what type of benefit do we actually get?”

The Abilene Stormwater Master Plan will be up for discussion at a special called meeting.

“This plan is critically important for us to start setting those projects up and formulating them a lot more,” Assistant City Manager, James Childers added.

Abilene streets carry runoff during rainy days, causing a wet commute for drivers.

A meeting will be held Tuesday to discuss concerns.

“We’ve had big, broad, and quite frankly tough conversations about a lot of our infrastructure. Be it our streets, be it our drainage system,” Childers said.

City staff said the meeting will highlight the big picture, and allow staff to focus on 10 specific projects.

Homeowners also face problems from the drainage.

“When we have wet years like we did last year then you will see increased pressures from those people who do experience flooding,” Rice said.

He noted that some homes that flooded last year.

“To correct those requires some type of master plan to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together,” Rice said.

Many people question whether or not an underground system can be built.

“The streets will continue to carry the water. That’s part of the system. We’re not encouraging a complete overhaul and putting everything below ground. We could do that, but there’s not enough money in Abilene to make that happen. ,” Rice said.

The meeting will be held at 5:30. There will be an opportunity for public comment.