Our newsroom has been receiving many viewer concerns about the road construction going on in the city. But their complaints aren’t about the roads themselves but the lack thereof.

Citizens said the city isn’t fixing the biggest problem, they said what needs to be fixed are the potholes.

With the recent rainy weather in Abilene many of the roads became rivers and once the rain ran off, damage was left behind. Citizens said this already bad problem got even worse.

But a City Works employee said that this is just what happens with roads. He said every city street has potholes and probably always will. He said once asphalt is laid down it starts to deteriorate and roads, new and old have a life span.

The city said they are doing their best to repair these potholes but the fixes are only temporary.

James from the city said, "We understand that people have a concern that pothole repairs don’t last, we know that it's a temporary repair, it's intended to be something that can be done relatively quickly and that's why we use that." He said once a call is put in to repair a hole, a crew goes to investigate and they work to get it repaired in 24 hours.

James said that until the city has more resources these temporary fixes are the best they can do.