During a photo-op with the leader of Turkey, President Trump stuck to his talking points, reiterating the need to defeat ISIS and leaving the classified report denials to his administration.

“We support Turkey in first fight against terror, in their fight against ISIS,” President Trump said.

President Trump appeared in front of the press, staying mum about the Washington Post report in which the he is alleged to have talked about top secret intelligence with Russia’s ambassador and foreign minister during an Oval Office visit last week.

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, who was in that meeting, denies the premise of the article and attempted to push the story off on so-called “leakers.”

“I think the real issue -- and what I would like to see debated more -- is national security has been put at risk by those [that have] violated confidentiality. Those releasing infomraiton to the press that could be used, connected with other information to make Americans and other individuals more vulnerable,” McMaster said.

Democrats and some Republicans are now demanding more information about that Oval Office meeting, saying the president has potentially put national security at risk.

“I am calling on the White House too make the transcript of the meeting with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister available to the congressional intelligence committees as soon as possible,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said.

Sources say some of the information revealed was partly from Israeli intelligence. Although not confirming that, the Israeli ambassador says they still have full confidence in the information-sharing relationship.