Homelessness is a problem Abilene has faced for years, and unfortunately, it also effects those who are just now starting out in life.

AISD has implemented a new program to try to help these students who are facing more challenges than just school work.

Abilene ISD said the number of students experiencing homeless is at an all time high and they’re afraid it’s only going to get worse.

Darrin Cox, the Homeless Liaison for AISD said, "The issue is great, as of last year we had 1,215 classified as homeless.

To be classified as homeless, there are many different situations. Darrin said, "It can be living on a couch going from place to place that’s displaced, not living with a legal guardian, do not have a fixed house or shelter to live in. There are some that are on the streets living in their cars there are some living in shelters, and last year we had one living in a tent down at the lake."

For these students, school is their last priority so Darrin said he wants to change that by making sure the students have what they need.

AISD is providing them services such as school supplies, backpacks, pencils, pens and paper. Also providing the middle schoolers with mandatory uniforms. Darrin said they have also started underwear and sock drives.

Darrin said these donations are more than just a pair of shoes or a box of pencils to these students, these items really help them get back on track.

AISD is accepting donations of clothes, shoes, underwear and school supplies.
If you wish to donate, those items can be dropped off at the AISD campus in downtown Abilene.