Bullying is something many parents worry about when sending their kids off to the school yard. But AISD is making sure this upcoming school year is bully free.

With the help of a new law going into effect September 1st, Abilene schools will now make bullying a very serious offense. David’s Law was enacted after a student took his own life as a result from bullying. The law makes it to where schools and police can now intervene in the bullying even if it does not happen on school grounds. David’s Law also makes the person doing the bullying who led to a suicide or attempted suicide, a crime.

AISD Student Services Director, Dan Dukes said, “it's got to stop, the behavior has to stop it cannot continue."

Dukes said educators all over the country believe bullying is an issue because of social media and cell phones. And even younger children are now a part of the epidemic because of technology.

He said that as school officials they will do everything they can to combat this problem and hopefully keep it from happening in the first place.

Dukes said to be able to put a stop to this a united front must be put up against this behavior. And he is confident AISD will have a great school year.