This year online shoppers will have an additional six hours to click and save on 'Prime Day.'

"When I go online it's much cheaper usually," Samual Banks, online shopper, said.

Amazon's Prime Day is offering deals with up to 50 percent off grocery items to 30 percent off clothing, according to Amazon.

Shoppers say they're opting for convenience when it comes to online shopping.

"I usually use online just because it's easier than having to go to the store," Banks said.

Some say the benefit of having items dropped off at your door is worth the click.

"With Prime you get free shipping, so that's nice," Sarah Theriot, online shopper, said.

Meanwhile for those on a busy schedule they say online shopping saves them more than just money.

"It's just easier for me, because as a student I don't have as much money because I'm usually dealing with school so I don't have time to work and don't have a ton of money," Banks said.

Prime Day is available for those with memberships.

Shoppers may sign-up for a free 30-day trial July 10 or July 11 and still take advantage of the deals.

Prime costs about $100 per year.