It's been said that the stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas.
And the town of Baird has a very big star stopping in for a visit.

Holly Tucker, finalist from The Voice and Waco native is on tour and one of her stops is Baird, Texas.

Owner of the venue, Cassie Gomez said,"We're really excited to have Holly here, Holly is not only a great singer and a great person, I mean she really spreads a lot of gospel and things that around here, we really appreciate."

In a facetime interview Friday morning she told Fox 15 she’s a small town girl, even has some ties to Clyde and Abilene.

Cassie is happy Holly chose to perform at her place, she said she wants Baird to grow and this will be the perfect way.

Holly said even though she calls Waco home, she still feels at home in all these little towns she goes through. She said, “I can just always feel the love when I come here and it makes it exciting for me as a performer to be able to play for audiences that really truly want to see me play and support me."

Holly Tucker performs Saturday night at the B&C Patio in Baird, Texas.