For many, it doesn't feel like Christmas until you’ve driven through Abilene’s ‘Christmas Lane.’

For residents of the State Supported Living Center it’s much more.

They expect over 40,000 cars to drive down their roadways to view Christmas displays.

It will be stocked with lights, characters, and phone booths to call the North Pole.

Alice Andrade has volunteered every year since it started.

“It gets you in the Christmas spirit,” she said

But, the children aren’t the only ones who find joy on the road of lights.

The center is home to over 280 people who have disabilities.

“It also allows them the opportunity to see all the displays and all of the lights,” Director Barbara Reid said.

Over 100 Big Country businesses set up displays on their grounds.

“It brings them a lot of joy. Because they get to see people they usually don’t get to see during the year,” Reid said.

The event is something they look forward to all year.

“Everyone enjoys being a part of something. This allows our residents to be a part of the Big Country,” she added.