It's every parents worst nightmare not knowing where their child is and that nightmare is now a reality for one family in Coleman.

"He said that I was making it hard on him," those were the last words Trent Thompson said to his mother before disappearing from his home in Coleman on July 7.

Katrina Thompson, Trent’s mother, said she went to get her husband after she saw Trent, who had been gone for two days, and when she came back her son was gone.

"We want you to come home Trenton. We miss you very much, no matter what has ever happened we've always had your back 100 percent. Look at your sister and look at your brother, we need you 100 percent, please come home," Katrina pleaded.

Katrina said Trent had been through a few rough patches, but he's a good kid. She said that things within their family started to go downhill once he got girlfriend, Dionne Nicole Warrick.

The family said he was last seen with Warrick.

KXVA reached out to Warrick but have yet to hear anything back.

The family said they believe Warrick knows something about the whereabouts of Trent but is not cooperating with the Thompson family.

Katrina said Trent has left before but that he always comes back and that he's never left for this long. Katrina said she is most worried because Trent hasn’t reached out to anyone which she said is very unlike him.

"He always makes contact with at least my mother-in-law, or family member of a friend or somebody has seen him through town and no one has seen my son," Katrina said.

The family has been working with Coleman and Abilene police to find Trent but so far there are no leads.

Katrina said Trent’s younger brother and sister as well as the rest of the family are very saddened and worried about Trent and hope he returns home safely soon.

Trent's family asked that if you see Trent to please notify the authorities.