After a series of confessions, D'Aurdre Raashaw Hight-Ealy told police it was K'Jaman Keshold West who shot Bronson Boyles in the torso, killing him. However, West claims that it was Hight-Ealy who murdered Boyles, according to court documents.

"Hight-Ealy's story changed some over the course of the interview, but he consistently said that West shot Bronson," according to court documents.

Hight-Ealy said him and Jerel Mathis, Jaquay Hight and West were at Tylik Johnson's apartment located in the same complex where Boyles lived. Johnson mentioned robbing Boyles of his marijuana.

At this time, Hight-Ealy knew West was carrying a firearm.

Everyone went down stairs to Boyles apartment. At the apartment they realizedvBoyles didn't have a lot of marijuana. Hight-Ealy said he went outside of Boyle's apartment with him and told the group "never mind."

Hight-Ealy said West and Boyles started scuffling and then West shot him. After, Hight-Ealy said West, Mathis and Hight drove off in his car. While in the car, West told them if anyone says they saw him shoot Boyles, that he'd shoot them too. Everyone was dropped off at their houses.

According to a separate court document, "When Jerel Mathis spoke to detectives, he stated that everyone including Hight-Ealy went to another apartment after leaving Boyle's apartment. Mathis stated that the shooting took place at the other apartment. Hight-Ealy stated that West and Boyles started scuffling and then West shot him."

However, West claims that Hight-Ealy shot Boyles.

"Hight-Ealy admitted to [Abilene Police Detective Paul] Martinez that he said he killed Boyles to others, but said he said these things when he was intoxicated," according to court documents.

Hight-Ealy also told Martinez that he allowed West to hide the firearm in his backyard under his shed until West's girlfriend, Macaya Edwards, retrieved the gun the next day.

Later, a search warrant proved Hight-Ealy also had in his possession a pair of shoes that tested positive for human blood. Hight-Ealy admitted to wearing them the night of the murder.

Hight-Ealy said he thinks the whole group should be punished for the death of Boyles "...because the were planning on robbing Boyles."