The hearing for Eric Torrez's children's custody hearing is Aug. 10 in Tom Green County.

Meanwhile, the ex-wife of Eric, Kristen Jennings has been relocated from Tom Green Co. Jail to Taylor Co. Jail. Fox 15 reached out to see if Jennings had a message for her children, but she declined to comment.

Fox News First did obtain the petition filed in Tom Green Co. for the conservatorship and termination of the parent child relationship involving Torrez's kids.

The petition summarizes that Jennings allegedly exposed her children to conditions that endangered the physical or emotional well-being of them. She abandoned her children and failed to comply with court orders used a controlled substance in that endangered children engaged in criminal act.

Some lawyers say in the circumstances that the father of the children is dead, the mother in jail, there are multiple outcomes of who will have custody.

The petition also states that if reunification with the mother cannot be achieved, the court should terminate the parent-child relationship.

The hearing will take place tomorrow in Tom Green County.

The family of Torrez has released funeral arrangements saying they start Friday, Aug. 11.