A local flag rental business is going the extra mile when remembering the lives lost on 9/11. Flags for Freedom is donating 70 percent of each flag sale to benefit the disabled American veterans.

As Sept. 11 approaches, the symbol of this nation is being raised at multiple businesses in Abilene.

Most of these entities contacted Jesse Lyon, proprietor of Flags for Freedom, a flag rental business that established in 2016. Their main focus is benefiting disabled veterans.

“We put up close to 500,” Lyon said.

He rents his flags out mostly to commercial and residential entities.

The Edge, an apartment complex in north Abilene was one of Lyons first customers.

Apartment complex manager, Meagan Kelly, said, “About a year ago they came and asked us if we can have their flag out... It’s incredibly important to support our veterans. They risked their life for us.”

The flag rental program also functions during major patriotic holidays, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day.

Customers can rent flags for $25 a piece or four flags for $75. Flags for Freedom also offers a yearly subscription program.

“We are actually sold out for this holiday. But the next one is going to be Veterans [Day] in November,” Lyon said.

Lyon said he hopes his business will expand outside of Abilene in the future.

“Hopefully veterans can go out and put up flags and make a living out of it," Lyon said.