With the arctic front the Big Country just experienced, a lot of organizations offered help to those in need.Project E.C.H.O. was one of many nonprofit organizations who helped. Now they need the public’s help.

"I’ve always been helping people and we always bring the community together to get things done,” ken Knowles...founder of Project E.C.H.O.

Knowles founded the organization in April 2017. They help those in need, from homeless to anyone during an emergency situation.

"we provide emergency services, clothing. We have clothes in storage sorted by size. We have volunteers who do that for us. We also have a food pantry that’s available 24/7, 365," said Knowles.

They also help people in need of temporary housing.

“If somebody’s house just burned down we put them in a hotel for a night or two. We go up to three nights,” said Knowles.

With the cold front that just swept through West Texas, Knowles says they depleted a lot of their resources and left them in a tight situation.

"Earlier we had a call for a heater and a little help on their electric bill. Well both of those needs were met within 30 minutes," said Knowles.

They are in need for coats, blankets, food and electric heaters.
In less than a year, E.C.H.O. has helped about 100-people with emergency services.

During Christmas, they helped over 90 kids."With both food and Christmas gifts. We only had one emergency temporary housing during the Christmas holiday,” said Knowles.

Anyone who would like to donate, you can contact Ken on Facebook or at the Project E.C.H.O. page.